25.May.2021 / 活動期間:[2021.05.18 ~ 2021.06.30]

Important announcement regarding our measures in response to recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Taiwan

Due to the recent increasing cases of COVID-19 patients in Taiwan, HBI has implemented the work from home policy complying with guidelines published by central and local government agencies.   Our business and development work are still on going without any major impacts.  We highly value your opinion. May you have any inquiry about HBI’s business or technology, please contact the following personnel:
Business related: Yu-Hsuan Chang, yuhsuan.chang@heliosbioelectronics.com
Technology related: C.W. Tsai, cw.tsai@heliosbioelectronics.com
Administration related: Grace Wang, gracewang@heliosbioelectronics.com
Goods or any deliveries: Mosa Wang, mosa.wang@heliosbioelectronics.com
Thank you very much for your attention and we apologize for any inconveniences these measures may cause.